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Another exceptional 12 months for Cut and Clean in slurry collection and recycling

Sharing our environmental and sustainability contributions

Over the 12 month period ending on the 30th June 2022 Cut and Clean generated over 330.000 litres of slurry from cutting activities for its clients.

100% of the slurry was collected via our onsite vacuuming system and returned to our facility at Heidelberg for recycling.

The slurry was processed using patented technology, water was separated for reuse (approx. 230,000 litres) and leftover solids (approx. 230 cubic meters) reused in road construction base material. All slurry collected was utilised with zero going to landfill or into wastewater systems.

Also during this period Cut and Clean received their Waste Designation from EPA Victoria for the collection and recycling of slurry from their concrete and asphalt cuttings activities, the designation covers the next two years commencing June 2022

If you would like further information on how Cut and Clean can support your business in slurry recycling please contact us via the Website or email

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