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Concrete and asphalt cutting solutions

Supporting utility service providers and contractors.

Safe, smart and sustainable


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Cut and Clean is a specialist provider of concrete and asphalt cutting services with an integrated recycling system, and a proven reputation for excellence and delivering what we promise.


We bring extensive cutting experience to the infrastructure sector including gas, water, sewer, power, communications, road construction & maintenance.

We are driven by the pursuit of adopting environmentally sustainable and safe concrete cutting solutions. 

Making Melbourne Liveable

Our processing and reuse facilities in Heidelberg


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Our clients are contractors servicing the utility service provision sector. We are approved to work on all Melbourne gas and electricity distribution, metro water authorities, telco and VicRoads Projects.


Recent examples include Comdain Infrastructure, Ventia, Downer Utilities, APT Management, Daly's Construction, DKM Utilities, Mondo, CPB Contractors, Multipipe, Power Cables and Zinfra.


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Leading the industry in choosing safe and sustainable solutions